If you can't see your PLI in your Dashboard, there are several possible reasons for this

You may have more than one login - Your login is matched to Memberships/ PLI you created with that login. If you create a second login, then you wont see Memberships and PLI you created with a different one

This often happens when Members cant rememer their login details and create a new one, expecting the system to magically know which Membership is theirs, and display it.

So if this has happened, logout and go get a password reset for the original login and you'll be fine 

Has your Membership expired?

You can check this in your Dashboard, it will show under either CURRENT MEMBERSHIPS or EXPIRED MEMBERSHIPS

If it shows under expired, then simply hit PAY NOW to renew it

If it shows under current, then you will see the VIEW PLI HERE icon and be able to click it to view your PLI

You know you've paid, but it's still not showing

In pretty much every case where this is reported, it's because the Member has created more than one login, with at least one Membership on each login. Then they log in with the wrong details and can't see their new Membership
To resolve this, log in with the details for the relevant Membership

If you're still stuck, email us admin@mobiledjnetwork.co.uk and explain what has happened, give us your full name, your business name (BOTH Business names if you have more than one Membership) and we will help solve this for you

Rarely our system has a bit of a moment and doesn't acknowledge your payment

This has happened about 6 times in 10 years, so is VERY unlikely, but if the solutions above do not work and you are 100% convinced you've paid, then use the Online Chat facility during normal office hours, or email us with all the details and the receipt from Paypal or Stripe and we'll be happy to investigate for you


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