Try Musicians Network instead of amp band

Let's compare Musicians Network with other prices you may find from the likes of Amp band membership

Musicians-Network Standard Memberhip is cheaper than Amp band membership (who also don't offer equipment Insurance), musicians union and everyone else! Yet we give you £10 million PLI Cover and offer Equipment Insurance too!

No complicated time wasting quotes, just apply, pay the simple price, then you instantly have cover and your policy document - All within 5 minutes!

Our Standard Membership gives you £10m Public Liability Insurance for Musicians and Bands. Also included are other Member benefits you wont get with a standard insurance broker.

We are also Musicians, so understand how you work and exactly what risks you need to protect against. Joining Musicians Network gives you the cover you need at the best possible price.

Our Band and Musician finder website is designed carefully to get you more gigs too! We have high ranking DJ finder sites already, which bring our DJ Members plenty of enquiries. Meaning you will be found

Our Standard Membership including £10m Musician PLI is just £55 and covers Solo musicians and Duos. it also covers you if you do any Music Teaching.
For those who are part of a larger ensemble or Band, we also cover Trios, Quartets and 5 piece Bands. So no need to go anywhere else.

Want to insure your equipment and instruments for theft and age too?

With Musicians Network you can also get Equipment Insurance to cover your instruments and equipment. By getting our Premium Membership, this gives you everything in Standard, plus large discount through our broker for Musicians Equipment Insurance.

You choose the level of cover you need and only pay for what you need. Typically this could be £6000 which you get for just £70, or if you have £10,000 of gear, get this covered for just £100

Premium Membership (£90) includes £10m PLI and other benefits. Also an exclusive discount off Equipment Insurance through our Broker, meaning you get all our Member Benefits plus £6,000 of cover for just £160

Covering theft and damage to your equipment, our Insurers will repair or replace the item/s and even pay up to £2000 for hire of replacement equipment while your claim is settled

See below - You won't find a better deal anywhere!


  • Only £5m PLI

  • Only UK gigs covered


  • Limited European Cover

Amp Band


With Musicians Network Premium Membership you get £10m PLI just as we have offered DJs for the past 13 years

You also get Discounted Equipment Insurance, protecting your Equipment against loss or damage. Musicians Network Premium is just £90 per year, including a discount code enabling £10k of Equipment cover direct from our Broker for only £100

Your listing on our 'finder' websites will now be 'priority' meaning it's always at the top of regular listings

To make your listing stand out even more, you can upload 15 pictures to captivate clients

The Premium Membership from Musicians Network really does tick all the boxes to help you and your business.

Full Policy Documents are HERE for you to review

Pricing grid is based on recent searches and direct quotes for like products, they are the cheapest we could find and do not include any promotional offers

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